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Awesome Kids Room with Lofted Play Space

When I was a young tike my siblings and I used to create our own play space using blankets and bunk beds. These lucky kids take their play space to a whole new level!
When Van Staeyen Interior Architects were tasked with designing a kids bedroom in old mansion, they came up with a unique design to house two beds and a play space.


The beds for each child are built-in on either side of the structure, giving each child their space, as well as their own desks, each with a window.


A small multi-level shelf has been built into the structure beside the beds, and they act as a place for a night light, as well as a spot for favorite books and toys.


Between the two sides of the design is a ladder that leads up to a lofted play space. Cut-out shapes act as windows and look out to the rest of the bedroom.





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